Thursday, January 26, 2012

Making little boys happy

Tonight Ell asked for dessert, and the remains of the pumpkin cake that we had last nights were polished off by the dog (who steals food whenever he can). So I remembered a trick I read a long time ago on a website called Pinterest. For people watching their weight or sugar, you take a frozen banana and some cocoa powder and blend them together and voila! Chocolate ice cream! David doesn't hate it, but me and Ell are big fans. I've seen it with a little vanilla extract too, but it tastes pretty banana-ey.

We demolished it. Yum.

Monday, January 9, 2012

When he knows I'm only halfway paying attention

Earlier Elliott and I sat down and he water painted while I messed around on my computer. I was pretty engrossed in whatever I was reading, and I could tell instead of narrating his painting, he had apparently asked me a question that I hadn't heard. "my eyes are beautiful, momma? My eyes are beautiful?" Now, Ell has very pretty blue eyes, and he has been told this a time or two and has started to comment on other peoples eyes lately, so I thought nothing of this comment. If I'm honest with you, I said "Mmhmm" without looking up at all. That was a mistake, however. "my eyes are beautiful, momma! My eyes are beautiful?" then I finally looked up at him, perhaps a bit exasperated. And I see this.