Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 9

I got David to take this before we went to dinner on Friday. We had the only semi-decent Mexican food in town, and I wanted to order chicken strips. Afterwards we went home to watch a movie, and I fell asleep in a record 15 minutes.

To keep things consistent, I took this on Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be brave enough to put my bare stomach up.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Goodies

I got the best care package on Saturday from David's mom! She sent some adorable gifts, including footie pajamas, a bunny, a memory book, a magazine subscription, and even some of David and his big sister's baby things!

As for me, I've still been pretty sick lately. Now I am having morning and night sickness (but luckily none at work yet) and my life-long friendship with food seems to be spoiled, since NOTHING except ice cream tastes like it used to. On the brighter side, I met with our midwife today, and I really liked her. She said everything looked good and normal. We even got to hear the heartbeat early, which was so cool, and I felt like a super dork because I started crying immediately. It sounded a lot like a washing machine, and sounded like my heartbeat did but twice as fast. I feel like the bump is getting bigger too, but the ladies at work keep laughing at me because they say that you can't really tell yet.

week 7

Week 8

Thursday, September 11, 2008

almost 8 weeks update

Nothing really exciting has happened since I last wrote, with the exception of me developing morning sickness and somehow being even more fatigued. I am consistently getting 8 or more hours of sleep and it is not even putting a dent in my energy level. I have told just about everyone that we are pregnant, although most of my news has traveled rapidly through the grapevine, but since I have started feeling so icky it is good to have sympathy instead of looks that say, "what is wrong with her?"

Next week I meet with my midwife (unless I don't like her, and then I'll keep searching until I find one I do like). I'm excited and a little nervous because I am actually going against my mom's wishes on this one and trying it out the hippie way first--she was initially adamant that I go find an old, unattractive male OB/Gyn. I think it gave her images of me trying to give birth to my first baby in my living room floor or something, but once I explained that I was going to be in a really good hospital with options for all the medical interventions one could need she calmed down a little.

Anyway, David and some of our friends are all at Buffalo Wild Wings and are waiting on me to come, so I'll make an appearance before my 9:00 bedtime. 8 week picture to come soon- but it looks almost identical to the six week one.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

symptoms and advice from my mother

As compared with some of my girlfriends, I'd say my early pregnancy has gone pretty smoothly, and with minimal side effects. When I get hungry I get nauseous, but haven't thrown up yet, and I am SUPER TIRED ALL THE TIME. But nothing that has really brought my world to a grinding halt or anything. But this afternoon on the way home, I was SO hungry. Sure I had a granola bar and some fruit in my purse, but I thought a small cheeseburger from McDonald's sounded much better. They're only about 300 calories, so I figured I was doing as much damage as a bag of Doritos or something. While I was waiting in line my mom called. When I told her what I was doing, she yelled


I tried to explain that I was only having one baby cheeseburger, and she answered,

"Have you seen 'supersize me'? This is my first, only, unborn grandchild. Go anywhere else but not McDonalds."

Of course I didn't want anything else, but I figure my mom has a little more experience than I do in the baby making category so I pulled out of the line and took myself home. But not before pouting and telling her how mean she was for depriving a pregnant woman her first craving.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Big News...

Well, I found out a couple of weeks ago that our little family of two (and Jack) will now be three (and Jack). We are very excited, and most people know, despite the warnings to not say anything until the end of my first trimester. As of Saturday I was 6 weeks along, so things are still very new and it is very early. I'm feeling pretty good (I only feel queasy if I don't eat for a while) and it's still to early to show, but I figured I'd like to try to log the pregnancy as best as I can to keep everyone up to date. So here are a couple of pictures of me so you can see "bump" progress. The belly you'll see in the pictures is NOT the baby, it is the tummy I have had my entire life, so go easy on me. We will find out the sex (but not for a long time yet) and will let you know when we find out later this fall. And I should be due right around early May. Here we go...

Week 5- please ignore the toothpaste. I was too excited to notice...

And week 6, or Saturday.