Monday, November 16, 2009


I've been meaning to post pictures of the ridiculous amount of projects I've started, but I've been to busy starting more projects. I went to a swanky baby store last summer, and noticed some really adorable knit pants that had a monster on the seat of them. I almost bought them, until I noticed the price tag of $90. For one pair. of BABY PANTS. So instead, I went to the yarn store and set out to make a pretty good substitute. I didn't try my hand at the monster face, because I am not that patient, but maybe I'll give it another shot later.

Aaand, as you can see, they are huge. He crawled right out of them a few times yesterday. But, the bonus is that they will last for more than twenty minutes. Which is more than I can say for some of the other knitting projects I've made. He wore the blue sweater I made him once and it was practically a crop top. Yikes.
This is also huge, luckily I was going for that. Two years ago I knit stockings for David and myself, and we went with stocking hats instead of large socks. It may have come out a little bigger than ours did (I haven't dragged out our decorations yet), but as I'd imagine we will be stuffing a lot more in his stocking so that's okay.
Now I just need to finish the baby sweater, hat, blanket, doll, and presents I have planned.


Blenda Koder said...

WOW Nicki, I am so impressed! I only wish I could knit and crochet!!

sleepingKelly said...

OMG. These are adorable! You've got some talent and patients! I NEVER could sit long enough to knit or crochet! Maybe we can barter some sewing/knitting projects! :)