Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holiday Recap

We're Baaaack! I can officially say we survived a road trip with a 9 month old and dog, and it was a relatively smooth trip. Well, aside from teething, waking up eleventy billion times a night, and a wicked stomach virus. Those parts were pretty rocky.
We are now trying to find a place for all of Elliott's new toys and watching Elliott steady himself on two legs. Also, he has started dancing if music is on (even tv theme music), which is so cute. He hears a tune and smiles really big, then starts bouncing up and down. David says he dances like me, and I'm pretty sure that's a dig even though he wouldn't know since he's REFUSED to dance with me since high school prom. I guess that isn't fair, since he did sign up for a country dancing class with me at A&M before our wedding, and he put me to shame in the classes we went to. But whatever- he had an edge. I didn't get line dancing lessons in kindergarten.

Anyway, now my sweet, happy baby has developed rhythm, and also quite a temper. The first night we were home he screamed when I put him in his bed and stopped as soon as I picked him up, showing me that he didn't agree that it was bed time and PICK ME UP WOMAN PICK ME UP is his preferred method of communication. I came in yesterday from picking up groceries, since our freezer crapped out and thawed everything in the freezer, and then resumed working once it had ruined all the food we had. Elliott was screaming the same way as he had at bedtime, and I asked David how long he had been doing that. He had apparently been peachy until David took away the remote control from him, and he responded by alerting our neighbors to his apparent bloody murder.

I think he got this way right before he started crawling, too- just got super crabby and screamy when he couldn't get things to go his way- so I'm hoping these tantrums resolve with his ability to get around on two feet. However, when he does that, He'll be WALKING, and I'm not ready for him to look all big and walk around our place.


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