Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Elliott's baby

A few weeks ago I went to a neighborhood yard sale with Elliott to look around. At one house, I spotted a white plastic adirondack chair that was just his size and he sat in it for several minutes, swinging his little feet and leaning back in the sun. I took it up to the table to pay, and Elliott spotted this pink stroller with a baby doll in it. He took off pushing it up and down the driveway, and I thought about buying it for him, but it was priced at $15- which I didn't really want to pay. The lady selling it apparently got a big kick out of watching him play with it though. She was selling old toys of her grandkids, so she took a lot off the price because she liked watching him play with it.
He wheels around the living room with his baby stroller, powering over any toy or furniture in his path. (See the chair?)
While the baby hangs on for dear life, he pushes her around, and briefly slows down to dig in the carrier/backpack for the dried up baby bottle to feed her.
I tried to show him how to wear the carrier as a backpack, and you would think I strapped some torture device to him. He was not a happy guy.

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Blenda Koder said...

This is too cute Nicki!!! He willbe a great daddy someday!! LOL