Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The many faces of 5pm

5pm, post preschool. Elliott has discovered this book recently, which he loves because it has BIG TRUCKS and QUACK QUACKS and Meow....'s in it, and thus he can read it to me.
I can't get enough of this face...
Or this one, which is usually given if I mention something he'd really like to have or do, like go outside or crackers.
He isn't shy in front of a camera, and likes to get up in the lens. I think he's trying to see what I'm looking at in there.
These blue eyes get him lots of attention, sweets, and balloons from the people at the grocery stores and banks.
And this is usually when 5pm becomes 5:30, and he get cranky and cantankerous.

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Lizzy said...

you are such a doll! if i wasnt such an opponent of child modeling i would sign you up for baby gap!