Thursday, February 10, 2011

Right. I'm back.

So, yeah- I went missing. But I'm here now, and that's what matters, right? Right.

I've mentioned before that Elliott LOVES guitar. He loves any music, really. He loves guitars. He sings songs he learns in school a lot. He sings along with bad pop music- and I'd tell you what kind of bad pop music, but I'd be afraid that you would seriously doubt my abilities to parent. He sings along with good music too, but he doesn't know the words so he just sings "Aaaaahhh" instead. He even makes up songs. So David was awesome and got him a ukulele for Christmas, which is a perfectly sized toddler guitar. I've never seen the joy that I saw on Ell's face the day he opened that gift.

Anyway, when David plays his guitar, this happens. And I die of pure happiness. Be forewarned: It's three minutes long, Elliott has no pants on, and he put his own underwear on, so of course it's on backwards.

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Lizzy said...

Elliott, you are so darn cute! I could just squeeze you through the computer!