Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Already a sad attempt...

Okay, So when I first got this idea I was so sure that I'd be a natural at blogging. Alas, I put it off like I do all things, and I fall behind. So while my original attempt was to include hilarious stories and pictures recording those stories, eh, well I'll do what I can but no promises. Pictures can't really be uploaded at work.

To think, the things that could be accomplished if I filled the entire work day with productive tasks. But since I need major instruction on how to do said tasks, and my teachers are m.i.a., blogs are my new hobby. Especially people who I don't really know, or perhaps knew at one time but have lost touch with. They are fascinating. I would read the blogs of people I do know, but they are either not on the bandwagon, or update far too infrequently (ahem..Michelle). I would probably freak a few folks out if they knew how dedicated I am to reading their online diaries, but I learn SO MUCH from a few of these women. You see, very few of my friends are married, and of those who are, they are excruciatingly busy carrying out life. Babies, parents, jobs, hobbies...and thus I learn little from their experience.

But these women with the blogs...they are the stay-at-home type. They have babies, too, and I learn a little every day about their struggles to keep them fed, entertained, and well disciplined. I am forming my own theories about raising a family from reading theirs. They are wise, and funny, and make me look forward to the day when I have kids to share with the world. I mean, between David and I we should be able to make some fairly fascinating people. He is a super brilliant, guitar-playing, quirky cutie and I am a scatterbrained chatterbox of a woman who tries to reinvent my personality about 6 times a year.

Will I be a vegetarian? A musician? Martha Stewart? Give me a year and I'll try to cycle through them all.

Now shrink and combine those attributes into toddlers. So exciting. And who knows where we'll be by then. Arkansas? Texas? Michigan? Siberia? Only time will tell.

Anyway, I'll try to keep on top of things. Let you know my hairbrained ideas and the lessons I learn from strangers who live in Texas.

An example of the former: About 30 minutes ago I was thinking about what my life would be like if I started going by another name. You see, I was thinking yesterday that someday "Nicki" might sound as unappealing as "Micky" or "Tonya" or "Tamra". Perhaps I could formalize or shorten my name somehow so that I sound more mature. Herein lies the problem: Nicki is already short for Nicole. I can't start going by Nicole for two reasons. One, that's my sister's name, and Two, I don't like it any better than Nicki. I can't go by my middle name, because it's a weird name (Dennette) that sounds either really really redneck, or like I'm trying really hard to be enter the adult entertainment business. Bleh. So What if I used another derivative of Nicole...Like "Cole"? I'm not seriously considering changing my name, but I accidentally thought about something stupid for too long and it lead me to try out "Cole Ingram". I am rediculous.

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Nicole said...

you should change your name to Cole, that would be tight.