Tuesday, January 9, 2007

On why I would be an amazing 50's housewife...

So if you have had any contact with me in the last 2 1/2 years you will know that I became obsessed with knitting and crocheting for anyone who thought it was as cool as I did (which was really only Erica, and so she got leg warmers and a thing to put her ipod in when I lived with her). Well, in following my new blog obsession I found a girl who used to go to A&M who was way craftier than I, and so I got inspired to try out some new crafts.

First, I bought a dishtowel from Target and made it into a waist apron. David and I cook a lot, and I thought this would be a good little project. David was a little confused about why I didn't make an apron with a bib (which in heinsight would have been very practical for my rediculously clumsy self) but I told him I really just wanted something to wipe my hands on. Plus the aforementioned crafty Texas girl had one and I must prove myself to be as good as she is. Even if I am the only one who knows it. It turned out really well, and I used it last night to make this amazing pot pie that I found on another Texas stranger's blog. I spilled flour all over my black shirt, but my pants stayed clean, Dangit.

Second, I learned to make earrings. I bought three different kinds of pliers and I am already a total pro. Okay, not a total pro, but I wear them in public and am not ashamed. They look like they could have come from Claire's. I'm working on other pieces of jewelry, and anxiously await the day that someone says "nice (insert piece of jewelry here)" so I can say "Oh, this? Thanks, I made it forever ago." Or keep my mouth shut but be very proud of my mad skills anyway. I tried to take a picture but it didn't work out so well.

Third, I made a baby blanket. It is my very first attempt to quilt anything larger than a throw pillow, and I did that when I was 7 years old with my aunt's supervision. But I'm proud of how it turned out. It is so adorable that I wish I had a use for it, but...well, I don't. But it was a good starter project, and it is made out of light green chenille. And now, I'm pretty much hooked. I'm going to drag David to the fabric store tonight to help me pick out fabric (the boy has way better taste than me, which makes me a little sad for several reasons). I'm so stoked, and that makes me mucho dorky.

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