Monday, January 8, 2007

This is how I rang in 2007. In Little Rock, with old friends and new redneck buddies, feeling grossly pre-pubescent next to my best friend and her work pal and their new, um... assets. And at some point I got annoyed with girls making me erase pictures that were PERFECTLY GOOD because they didn't like how they looked, and so I started sticking my tongue out in all of the retakes.

And everyone ran with that idea. Including Prachi, the guy probing my husbands ear with his tongue.

Christmas was really good, and although we packed on more than 3000 miles and my dog absolutely hates the car, I'd do it again in 6 months or so. 10 days in the car makes you space these little trips out you see. And since no one got me my s'mores machine, I bought one on clearance at Target for 7.50. I had to search all over ann arbor to find the fuel that makes it burn, but Me and David have had s'mores twice, and my heart is full again!

I've been inspired to learn to make a few new crafts, which I am positive will turn into obsession, seeing as how I spent almost a hundred dollars this weekend alone on pliers, beads, peices of cotton, and some polyester batting. I'm so stuck in the wrong decade.

But the best part, the thing I will look forward to all week, is that one of my friends from Texas is coming to see me this Thursday. I am still struggling to make friends with women my own age, and so a visit from Lizzy is just what I need. Especially since I want to quit my job by 10:00 a.m every day. I have to figure something else out. This simply can't be long term. Unless I find out that they will, in fact, reimburse my tuition after a year. Then I just have to suck it up, because being a secretary for 3 years it totally worth 75% off College. And I can do monkey-doo with my degree here, which is so discouraging. But, c'est la vie. Life's tough. Get a helmet.

I went to a church that I really liked yesterday, too. The music before the talk was really fun and kindof like being at a show in austin or something, and it is nothing but college kids, which could be an excellent opportunity to meet new people. It was really sad to me to figure out that one of the community outreach programs the church had was to go to local elementary schools and play games with kids when it is too cold to go outside. Where on earth has my husband brought me? Too cold for a little kid to not want to go outside and play in the snow? MADNESS! Me and my little sister would practically invite frostbite on the one day a year we were lucky enough to get an inch of snow. I remember losing the one pair of gloves I got during a decent snow fall and layering at least 6 pairs of socks so that I could make snowballs. Granted, it hasn't been that cold to me yet, but I have also taken to wearing yoga pants underneath my jeans or slacks and wearing 3 shirts at a time. I get cold when the thermostat isn't on 70, so I improvise. I like to look like this.

Oh, laugh if you want, kids on the playground, but my snowman will be bigger than yours, and if you try to beat me up, I won't feel a thing. HA!

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