Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is new...

So I remember getting charlie horses in 10th grade a lot. I would wake up in the middle of the night and point my toes (no, OW OW OW OW) than flex them until the cramp went away, silently becoming rigid and working out the kink and then trying not to move my foot again for the rest of the night. These apparently come back for some women during pregnancy (YAY!) and I am not the exception. I've woken up a couple of nights and just worked it out by pointing, ouch! no- flexing my foot and then gone right back to sleep. However, on Saturday morning I woke up with one in my calf and then when I pointed, (*ouch*) flexed my foot I got another one in the front of my leg too! So if I worked out the one in the back then I flared up the one in the front and I couldn't get either one to go away. David rolled over and asked me what was wrong, and after I told him about it he offered to help me massage the top one away so I could relax and finish sleeping until noon. We went to a late breakfast later on and I asked him how he knew something was wrong, since I was trying not to disturb him and being so quiet.

Apparently I wasn't so quiet after all. When I wake up a lot during the night, or get charlie horses, or can't get comfortable, apparently I do this really loud sighing thing that he thought was my way of saying "I don't want you to think I am trying to keep you up, but WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP and be miserable with me". Whoops. It reminded me of when my mom went into labor with my brother Brady over Christmas break during my freshman year in college. She slept on the other couch in the living room with me and would not stop groaning in her sleep and moving around. Finally I asked her "What!? Is!? Wrong!? With?! You!?" and she apologized, explaining she was trying to "quietly" cope with her contractions.

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