Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home sweet home

Well, we are finally officially out of our old apartment, thanks to our amazing friends and David's hard work. We aren't remotely close to being unpacked yet, but we have it set up so that we can get around in our new place with only a few obstacle courses, take showers, and wash laundry. And speaking of, I have done so much laundry. I've become obsessive, and have probably done ten loads or so thinking all the while how much I would have spent at our other place to do the same amount of laundry in the coin operated machines. I've washed our clothes and towels, sheets, comforters, couch pillow cases, Jack's bed- you name it. David also got those handy Purex sheets that have the laundry soap and dryer sheets in one, and although they are sort of pricey, I love them. My house smells like laundry and has clean pillow cases. I can die happy now.

The second day we were here David spotted a yard sale a couple of blocks from the house so I loaded up Elliott in the stroller and we walked down there. The only downside to the new place is that there isn't a sidewalk on our block, so I have to stroll in the street, but once I got out I realized all the lovely things that make up for it. For example, our neighborhood is crawling with kids. Almost every house we passed has a stroller, bike, or plastic picnic table in the front yard. We are less than a block from two really nice parks. I'm excited to take Elliott to try out the baby swings, but as he's still a bit wobbly when I try to sit him up I haven't done it yet.

The second bedroom is working out very nicely too. Bedtime is at 7:30, and although the first few nights didn't go as planned due to the loud bumps of us moving furniture and Elliott knowing this was NOT the place he went to sleep, he is settling into the new surroundings. I feed him before I go to bed, and he has been waking up once (last night was at 5 am) and continues to sleep until 9 am or so.

Jack is slowly adjusting, but for a while he kept getting in the car once all of the boxes were cleared out. It was like he was telling us, "That was fun. Let's go home now." He is trying to sleep on the furniture too, and David thinks Jack is guessing that with a new house comes new rules. But what Jack doesn't realize is that I just washed those couch cushions, buddy, and I didn't do it so he could have a fresh palette to stink up.

I'll post some pictures as soon as I find the cables to the camera.

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