Saturday, September 26, 2009

Settled in

Well, we have just about gotten everything settled in the new apartment, and i think we finally got all the kinks worked out with our internet, which comes and goes every few days. Elliott is super busy lately trying to coordinate his arms and legs in order to crawl over to things he should not have and taste them. Of course, this is VERY hard work and he wears himself out pretty quickly, and then resorts to much shouting and mumbling and frustration. I've been trying to coax a "ma ma" or "da da" sound from him as well, but this has only resulted in what looks like a poorly dubbed kung fu movie, where Elliott says "AAAAAHHHH" but moves his mouth afterwards without making any sounds. I guess it's a start.

We took him to a "infant swimming class", which was really an infant sing-a-long in water, ending with me towing Elliott from one side of the pool to the other while saying "kick kick kick!" or "scoop your arms!" or "blow bubbles like Momma!" and him looking at me blankly and then staring at whoever was in the next lane.
I don't have any pictures, but I've been taking him to the library with me a lot since I discovered that the library is way cheaper than blockbuster for movies. The branch downtown has a pretty awesome children's library, so I took Elliott in to pick out some books for bedtime stories. They have a pretty big aquarium with a couple of puffer fish and some other really colorful ones so I stood him at the table surrounding the fish tank to see if he would notice them. He stood there following fish swimming around the tank for several minutes, and would tense up and get mad when they disappeared from his view and got still and followed them across the glass when they appeared again. I thought for a millisecond that maybe we should get him some fish, but then reconsidered when I remembered who would be responsible for cleaning the bowl. I don't think David wants any more chores.


Tiffany said...

He is such a cutie!

Blenda Koder said...


G-I-R-L it is about time....I have been waiting for an update from you. He is growing up so fast and such a cutie pa-tootie too! You won't remember this b/c you were not even thought of but I took Jason to Mommie and me swim classes...they are wonderful! Kick - Kick - Kick is where it all starts. He will be swimmming all over the place before you know it!