Thursday, October 29, 2009

When Delirium Sets in

There is a point, with most kids anyway, where they get so exhausted they become silly. I love this, because the kid will be teetering on this tightrope of emotion, laughing one minute and then whining or crying the next. Elliott is currently on that tightrope. I sat down with him for his midday nap, and he decided to play a game with me, kind of like a mute peekaboo game. He would peek up over the bumpers in his crib, giggle for a few minutes, and if I didn't duck out of his sight he'd slam his head down on the mattress, kick his feet, and then peek over the bumper again. He thinks this is hysterical, until he ducks down and bumps his head against the crib bars. I started to worry that he hurt his head, until he peeks over the bumper to see if I'm still there, and starts giggling again. Since I'm still there, but haven't picked him up yet, he ducks back into the mattress to "cry", then peeks over the bumper to laugh, and then repeats his new game over and over.

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