Saturday, April 3, 2010

1st Birthday Party

Today was Elliott's birthday party! We invited a few little friends, and a lot of our big friends, fired up our grill, and had hot dogs, punch, and cupcakes. Elliott mostly toddled around and stole food from whoever had a plate.
He also managed to find the stash of presents when no one was looking, and proceeded to dig through the tissue paper.
Once he and his little friend found the goodies inside, they entertained each other for a while figuring out the buttons. Also, see the red string by our little friend's head? I got balloons, and it was the best $10 I've ever spent. Babies love balloons.
After we grilled I noticed some of our younger friends were getting tired, so we did the cupcake part so that they could have a treat before their afternoon nap. We sang happy birthday, and Elliott was a little confused when all of those people started singing.
But after a minute, he decided he liked all of that attention after all. Also, see that cupcake, with a huge candle perched on top, on a paper plate? I invite danger.
This is the beautiful birthday table cloth Grandma Peggy made for Elliott. Luckily, no grubby little fingers pulled it (and all of the food along with it) off the table.
And these were our cupcakes. I made forty. We have 23 left. I am set to gain ten pounds next week. Yay for birthdays!

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Lizzy said...

It looks like the party went well! You know if I was there I would definitely help you finish off those cupcakes :)