Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dogs say "woof! woof!"

Our neighbors have a couple of dogs that frankly scare me a lot and annoy me a little. They are huge, and I'm pretty sure at least one is some sort of pitt bull mix. They don't act super aggressive or anything, but they are both barkers. I mean, I guess it isn't their fault that I am used to Jack, who only barked when commanded to, but still. We are surrounded by squirrels and rabbits and raccoons, and they like to bark at them.

Lately I've been showing Elliott lots of animals and naming them, signing the name, and then following with the noise if it has one that I can imitate (and if it doesn't, I make something up. Elliott is going to think Kangaroos say "goodaye, mate!" for example) in an attempt to help him learn some words. He's trying, and has actually started to sign several words in the last few weeks, but it is often hit or miss.

All that to say, it is currently nap time, and the dogs next door are barking up a storm. And from downstairs, I hear Elliott barking along with them.

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Lizzy said...

that is so freakin cute!! i cant wait to see you guys tomorrow :)