Friday, May 14, 2010

I've never been great at sharing.

A few weeks ago I made a fantastic discovery at our local market- Biscotti Brothers Chocolate dipped almond biscotti. Along with my morning cup of coffee it is a piece of heaven. So yummy. I can't resist picking up a package if I go over there for a couple of onions or a gallon of milk. So this morning I had one with my coffee, and then went about checking my email and the weather while Elliott toddled around playing with his toys (which are scattered from corner to corner). After a few minutes I noticed how quiet he had gotten (never a good sign) and looked over to find him sitting under the kitchen table, gnawing on my gourmet biscotti like there was no tomorrow. Chocolate was smeared around his mouth, and he had shut out the rest of the world. That's how I eat it too.

So I go over and pry my treats out of his chubby, grubby little fists and put them safely out of his reach. He wasn't happy about that, but I wasn't too happy about sharing. I mean, because the almonds in it could be a choking hazard, not because I am stingy.

Yeah, choking hazard. Gimme those.

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