Friday, December 3, 2010

My life, currently

First, I promise to put up new pictures of Elliott this weekend. I haven't been taking as many as I used to, mostly because we are still working hard on potty training and he is usually either in his underwear or completely naked below the waist. The faster I can get his bare bottom on the potty, the better.

Which brings me to a little story. This afternoon I had Elliott sit on the potty, but he hadn't gone yet. So I left off his underwear and let him sit on the potty when he felt the need. This usually goes pretty smoothly, so I wasn't terribly concerned. Then I looked over and saw Elliott standing awkwardly by the Christmas tree. I knew the face he was making, and RAN over to him only to see that he had done his business. In. The. FLOOR.

Now, according to the potty training advice givers, you should never make a big deal about "accidents". You should just have them help clean up the mess and themselves, and casually mention that we use the potty to do their business.

The advice givers would not have liked my reaction. I mean, I didn't freak out, but casual I was not. It was more like this:

Nicki: What are you doing? NONONO! We do NOT poop in the floor!
Elliott: Pee pee.
N: Not pee pee. You pooped in my floor. That is NOT acceptable Elliott.
E: No pee pee.
N: Right, no pee pee. You are supposed to use the potty.
E. Potty! Did it!
N: UGH! (lots of grumbling as I'm putting him on the potty, cleaning up the mess, bleaching the floor, etc). That is NOT what we do. That's gross, Elliott.
E: Gross, Eyyitt. Gross, Eyyitt. Gross, Eyyitt.

Now I have to fight back laughing so that he knows he didn't just get off the hook, but it is pretty difficult. We go down the stairs to the bathroom.

Nicki: Where DO we go poop?
Elliott: (long pause) Potty!
N: That's right. We use the potty. Not the floor. Do you know why?
E: Gross, Eyyitt. Gross, Eyyitt.

Just in case you thought my cute kid was so cute that you are considering stealing him or making your own. It isn't all fun and games. But it is pretty funny sometimes.

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