Monday, December 6, 2010

Where I finally post new pictures

I recently gave away a few of our outgrown baby items, like the bassinet and changing table that we were given. That led to a panic that I was going to immediately get pregnant with number two and have no furniture for him/her, but I've since calmed down. The recipient gave Elliott a little wagon full of wooden blocks as a thank you, and he loves them. He raced around our living room pulling the little wagon for probably twenty minutes.
Then he'd round the corner too quickly and catch the corner of the wagon on the leg of the coffe table, and say "stuck!" until I helped him get it going again. Oh, and you thought I was kidding about the kid never wearing pants, didn't you. Ha. I only wish.
He likes to build towers with them, but since building vertically tends to require balance and coordination, he prefers to lay them across the table and build a horizontal "tower", saying "DID IT!", like lining them all up takes a lot of his concentration. Also, I've recently learned that Elliott calls anything red Elmo.
Then as we were getting ready for our Thanksgiving festivities, I decided to let Elliott have his very first hot chocolate. Have you ever seen a kid eat his first cupcake or taste their first hot chocolate? It's very high on the things-I-recommend-that-you-do list.
He started out slowly spooning out the mini marshmallows to make sure I hadn't tricked him into eating something nutritious. When the coast was clear, he relaxed and went for it.

I think he was looking at me to make sure I was still his mother. Like he was thinking, "aren't you the same woman that feeds me peas and that disgusting chicken stuff? Where have you been hiding this stuff?"
When he finally tasted the cocoa, he started drinking it like he was afraid any minute I might snatch it away and give him a piece of broccoli instead.
This is a face that has shut out the outside world. Also, when he finished eating a marshmallow, he'd pull the spoon out of his mouth with a flourish, eyes still closed, like he was getting away with something that I must not have figured out yet.
Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Next, I'll post video of him singing the Peanut Butter song. Prepare yourselves for some unintelligible cuteness.

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