Thursday, December 21, 2006

Our journey south...

Well, our upcoming "Christmas vacation" starts Saturday morning bright and early. We'll start heading back towards the place that gave me the accent I am slowly losing. I'm not sure if I can claim that we will be in one spot long enough to rest, but I am really excited to see my family and friends in Little Rock. And although we will be putting in 30+ hours of driving before, during, and after our one year anniversary, hopefully I can remember to not be a brat in the car and enjoy the time together. The first year wasn't nearly as hard as people warned it would be.

The top, oh, five adjustments included
1. Learning to live, full time, with a boy.
2. Learning to clean up after myself so that Dave didn't evict me.
3. Learning to think of my money and his money as "our money". Especially when I wasn't making much. Or any.
4. Moving. 3 times. in 8 months.
5. Learning not to take such a wonderful thing for granted. I'm a very lucky little girl. (He bakes! Any man that will bake you anything is worth mentioning. Really.)

Other, non-marriage related adjustments have all had to do with the weird places we've lived since getting hitched. Like how to survive with no one your age in realistic driving distance. Or how not to freeze to death. How to get over not having decent mexican food for miles and miles and miles. Stuff like that.

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