Thursday, October 16, 2008

2nd midwife appointment

We went back to see the midwife today, and everything still seems great. I was right about losing weight; I am 2 pounds lighter than I was four weeks ago! Today and yesterday I have felt better though and I'm trying to just keep going forward. I heard the baby's heartbeat again, and she didn't have to search for it very long this time. It was about 150 beats per minute (I've already gotten a speculation on the sex because of this!). I also went ahead and got a flu shot, which I never get, because I certainly don't want to feel any worse than I have to!

The only downside was that instead of having the first ultrasound the week of my birthday, like I was hoping, it has to be two weeks later. So we will know the sex the day before Thanksgiving unless the little one is uncooperative. I'm excited because the next month will be a little busier, since I am supposed to miraculously feel better soon, I may start feeling movements, and we'll get the first pictures. That's about it, but I wanted to keep you guys in the loop!

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