Monday, October 20, 2008

Knocking on wood...

So I didn't want to shout it from the rooftops until I had at least 3 consecutive good days, but I, uh, (in a whisper) think my morning sickness is going away? Oh please don't let it come back because I said that. But today and this weekend was awesome because I had an appetite, some energy and motivation to do things other than sleep, and I didn't get sick or nauseated. I am waking up around three a.m. STARVING, like stomach-growling-might-go-out-and-get-a-dozen-of-donuts-and-eat-them-and-go-back-to-bed-so-I-can-finish-sleeping kind of starving. It's pretty unusual.

We found out today that my boss is cutting us an AWESOME deal on daycare tuition so David and I are really stoked about that too. So this was a particularly awesome Monday.

And since I know you read this now, Susan, you have to have to have to come over here for thanksgiving. I cook a mean turkey and stuffing, have a big red couch with your name on it, and will be finding out the sex of the baby the day before. If you don't come, I'm not telling you what we're having. How's that for leverage?

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