Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 10

Week 10 just before breakfast. I've caved and bought a few maternity things since my jeans are always digging into my belly when I sit down. It seems like on the days that I feel pretty awake I am told I look really tired and on the days I feel like my clothes fit pretty well I am told "Aw, you're showing!" At work today one of the (18 year old) aides said, "Dang, Ms. Nicki. You look really, really pregnant today." I had to remind myself it would be terribly tacky to tell her she looked really pregnant all the time. Thank goodness my hormones have a little bit of a filter still.


nicole said...

Im ready for the baby already. Turn up the heat so the bun bakes faster.

Nicki said...

Give me and food still haven't made up yet (in fact- I can't keep much down at all). More heat and I might die.