Friday, August 14, 2009

Beach bum baby

We went to Oval Beach on Lake Michigan last Tuesday and thus had Elliott's first trip to the beach (but not the ocean). The beach was really pretty and the weather was perfect. I brought literally 5 or 6 bags for all of our stuff, and we got settled in on a blanket and I proceeded to slather- not apply, but SLATHER spf 55 all over Elliott. Then I put him in a wetsuit and hat and hoped he would play on the blanket.

No such luck. He wanted to be entertained, and then fed, but then couldn't focus on eating because of all of the crazy beach distractions (Bird! But, so HUNGRY! Ooh, umbrella, I mean food, I mean new people, I mean WAAAAHHH!) and proceeded to lose his mind for a while. David looked around and we had cleared a thirty yard radius with our screaming baby. I walked him to the water and he was instantly soothed by the waves, but as soon as I went back to our blanket he was inconsolable again.
I finally took him to the car, where he screamed REALLY loud for 10 minutes and then finally calmed down, ate, and fell asleep. I fashioned a little makeshift sun shelter so he could sleep, but as soon as I set him down his eyes popped open again.

I talked David into coming with me to the shore again so I could get a few pictures, and he was almost in a trance from the sounds of the waves.

He fell asleep, and we took turns playing in the water while he snoozed. The wind started to pick up towards the end and when I saw that Elliott's ear had managed to collect a ton of sand, we packed up and headed back to Ann Arbor. Elliott is still as white as before, thanks to my Obsessive Sunblocking, but David and I are sporting matching burns.

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