Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Roly Poly

Ever since my sister showed Elliott how to roll over, he has done nothing but. He is so eager to use his new skill that nothing we did before works quite the same way. He arches and bucks when he is placed in his bouncy chair or bumbo seat. He twists and turns when I put him in the swing. I go to get him from his crib and he is propped up on his elbows, waiting for me to pick him up. I'll flip him over to get him back to sleep, and he twists to get back onto his belly.

This week we've been pretty busy. I helped a friend out by watching her little boy for a few hours the last couple of days, and it was funny to watch Elliott's reaction. He seems slightly jealous, which I wasn't expecting. If I happen to hold the other baby he looks very puzzled, as if to ask why HIS momma is holding THAT GUY? I got him up from a nap yesterday and put both boys on our bed and sang some little nursery rhymes to them, and at first Elliott was all toothless smiles like normal. Then he glanced over and noticed we were not alone, and was VERY serious for the rest of our little concert.

I also managed to pick up these handy little baby food trays- they look like ice cube trays, but have lids and detach- and made Elliott a batch of steamed, pureed sweet potatoes. He LOVES them, but his ability to eat from a spoon is spotty. Some days he eats like he's been doing it his whole life, and some days food just dribbles out of his mouth and he gets frustrated with me for letting it go in the wrong direction. Which brings me to another realization. Feeding babies is really, really messy. And bibs are no longer optional accessories. Jack, for one, does not seem to mind this. He has recently taken to finding the last place we laid Elliott and licking the carpet for leftovers. And David and I are just, well, ew.

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