Thursday, August 6, 2009

Torturing my family

So my sister is visiting and I am thoroughly enjoying dragging her around to all the things I do on a weekly basis and hoping she doesn't die of boredom. We went to story time at Border's yesterday, but we were too late to actually hear the stories. Then we gathered some materials from JoAnn's fabrics and are going to sew something while she is here. Finally, I dragged her to the yoga class I've been going to. I warned her about the cheerleaders that seem to be able to balance their entire body weight on two fingers, and how in my first couple of classes I was so weak I couldn't do more than half of the poses.

Knowing how I am with Nicole, I was prepared to do some inappropriate giggling- but we managed to hold it together for most of the class. I would notice one of the cheerleaders doing something like this:

or this

and I would giggle when both of us did this instead:


This morning I woke up and Nicole was still passed out on the couch. When she stretched to wake up, she yelled something to the effect of "Stupid yoga...I feel like I got hit by a bus."

Fortunately she is also of the mindset that if it hurts, it must be working, so we'll go back on Sunday!

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