Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Month 10

Dear Elliott,

This first month of 2010 has been fun, and you are a busy little boy. You are practicing lots of skills, like standing, walking with push toys, and screaming. Not crying-screaming, just yelling as loud as you can to signal that you want FOOD! or TOYS! or ATTENTION! or hey, it's kind of peaceful and quiet. STOP THAT! You are making Daddy a little crazy with the screaming, but I guess you are just testing out your sounds or something. I've tried to show you how to sign for what you want, and you look at me like, "Yeah, or I could just go AAAAGHHH! That works too."

We are in the dead of winter, and although it hasn't been that snowy here, it is really cold. So I've tried to bundle you up when we leave the house, and nothing seems to tick you off more than a snowsuit and mittens. But if I try to just use a coat, you will dramatically chatter to let me know you are cold- a trait that you have definitely inherited from me. You still only have two teeth, but you make them work just fine and eat anything you get your hands on- especially if I am trying to eat it.

Other new tricks and games you like to play are peek-a-boo (now you will cover your own face), giving a toy to me and then taking it back (the Thank You game), feeding goldfish crackers and other finger foods to me, and giving kisses. They are still open mouthed, but you don't give as much tongue- which I am grateful for. You are also a pro at giving Jack any food that you don't want. You drape your arm over the chair and offer your snack, and Jack will wait until you drop it and then scarf it down.

I'll end this with some videos we took last month.


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