Thursday, February 25, 2010

What we've been doing lately...

We've gotten lots and lots of snow lately, so I haven't left the house much. In order to keep busy and warm, I've been breaking in my sewing machine and knitting. My first new machine project was a baby carrier that I saw online that I decided I had to have. The picture isn't a great one, but you can see the finished product.
Then we had a birthday party for our buddy Jaafar, so I made this little pointy hat for him and made a little bag to put a couple of board books in.This is what our back yard looks like. I'd make snow ice cream, but I still have some left from the last time we got ten inches of snow. It melts, then we get another 6 or 8 inches dumped on us. Ugh.

To help Elliott's little toes stay warm, I made some little tube socks. These are the first pair I've ever knitted. The fit isn't the best...
But Elliott assured me that they taste just fine.
Finally, I finished this duffel coat, which I started in October. It didn't take that long to knit, I just worked on it whenever I felt like it. So of course, it took five months to finish. Luckily I used a big pattern.
Elliott has been working on other things. Like taking a step or two-
And growing two more teeth.

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