Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Its official...

I'm old. Okay, I'm not really that old (unless you consult someone in elementary school), but I just am not as interested in my social life as I was in College Station.
Last week I did a little experiment. I decided, "hey, who needs to stay at home and be productive? Not me!"
So on Monday I went out with David and some of our friends and played trivia. I think I got to bed at Midnight, so I got about 6 hours of sleep.
On Tuesday I had a friend over for dinner and it took so long to make that we didn't even watch the movie she rented. Bed at 11, 7 hours sleep.
Thursday we went out with friends, and got home fairly early, so I went to bed on time but did NO housework.
Friday we went to see the new James Bond movie with friends. Bed late. Don't remember.
Saturday I went Christmas shopping for the whole day, and then went out with some of the girls and poor David ended up taking everyone home after the bar closed. Bed at 3?
Sunday I managed to drag myself out of bed and go to a church service my boss invited me to. Then I went to another service at 7. I didn't do a single load of laundry until Saturday.
Dave and I are kindof clothes divas. We change all the time and frequently things end up in the laundry that haven't even been worn yet ( or in the case of jeans, have only been worn once. I used to get a couple of wears out of jeans before I married David. Now his clothes swallow them up with mine until I get around to washing them.
The result of this weeklong go-go-go? Tired Nicki, messy house, and empty gas tank. I did make a couple of new friends though. I think it balances out in the end, but I need to learn to turn down some social engagements. I think that being away from my friends since may has made me into a person who can't say no to a night at a movie I never wanted to see (The bond flick was overrated in my opinion. I think testosterone has to be pumping through the veins to fully appreciate it. And lets face it, Bond men have never really done anything for me).
So tonight, I am going to bake cookies and work on the Christmas stocking that I started and have until recently given up on. And maybe go to bed at 9:30. Laugh if you want, but I consistently need my 8 hours of sleep. 9 if Dave will let me.

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Michelle said...

Nicki! I read your whole blog (sorry it took so long) and I love it! I bookmarked it so I can always keep up with you and your charming life. BTW, I am so proud of you for being a fellow blogger...dorks RULE! Keep it up....is your Christmas shopping all done? Mine is! LOVE YOU!!!