Thursday, September 11, 2008

almost 8 weeks update

Nothing really exciting has happened since I last wrote, with the exception of me developing morning sickness and somehow being even more fatigued. I am consistently getting 8 or more hours of sleep and it is not even putting a dent in my energy level. I have told just about everyone that we are pregnant, although most of my news has traveled rapidly through the grapevine, but since I have started feeling so icky it is good to have sympathy instead of looks that say, "what is wrong with her?"

Next week I meet with my midwife (unless I don't like her, and then I'll keep searching until I find one I do like). I'm excited and a little nervous because I am actually going against my mom's wishes on this one and trying it out the hippie way first--she was initially adamant that I go find an old, unattractive male OB/Gyn. I think it gave her images of me trying to give birth to my first baby in my living room floor or something, but once I explained that I was going to be in a really good hospital with options for all the medical interventions one could need she calmed down a little.

Anyway, David and some of our friends are all at Buffalo Wild Wings and are waiting on me to come, so I'll make an appearance before my 9:00 bedtime. 8 week picture to come soon- but it looks almost identical to the six week one.

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