Wednesday, September 3, 2008

symptoms and advice from my mother

As compared with some of my girlfriends, I'd say my early pregnancy has gone pretty smoothly, and with minimal side effects. When I get hungry I get nauseous, but haven't thrown up yet, and I am SUPER TIRED ALL THE TIME. But nothing that has really brought my world to a grinding halt or anything. But this afternoon on the way home, I was SO hungry. Sure I had a granola bar and some fruit in my purse, but I thought a small cheeseburger from McDonald's sounded much better. They're only about 300 calories, so I figured I was doing as much damage as a bag of Doritos or something. While I was waiting in line my mom called. When I told her what I was doing, she yelled


I tried to explain that I was only having one baby cheeseburger, and she answered,

"Have you seen 'supersize me'? This is my first, only, unborn grandchild. Go anywhere else but not McDonalds."

Of course I didn't want anything else, but I figure my mom has a little more experience than I do in the baby making category so I pulled out of the line and took myself home. But not before pouting and telling her how mean she was for depriving a pregnant woman her first craving.

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nicole said...

Hey big sister. I can't believe Im gonna be an aunt!! Too bad it takes 9 months before the bun is done!! And i figured out that if you do use the name Ezra, it okay. Ill just use it too. Its only fitting...