Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Goodies

I got the best care package on Saturday from David's mom! She sent some adorable gifts, including footie pajamas, a bunny, a memory book, a magazine subscription, and even some of David and his big sister's baby things!

As for me, I've still been pretty sick lately. Now I am having morning and night sickness (but luckily none at work yet) and my life-long friendship with food seems to be spoiled, since NOTHING except ice cream tastes like it used to. On the brighter side, I met with our midwife today, and I really liked her. She said everything looked good and normal. We even got to hear the heartbeat early, which was so cool, and I felt like a super dork because I started crying immediately. It sounded a lot like a washing machine, and sounded like my heartbeat did but twice as fast. I feel like the bump is getting bigger too, but the ladies at work keep laughing at me because they say that you can't really tell yet.


nicole said...

I am sorry about you and food breaking up. Thats alot of years put into something just for it to make you sick...haha. call me i have much to tell you.

tammy said...

Sorry about your break up but we still love you. Dad and I said we cann't really see much of a bump. I hope this finds you I don't know if I did it right. I have never heard if a heartbeat sounding like a wash machine Must be a girl