Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dr. Peanut and pancakes

So we find out what kind of baby I'm making in just a couple of hours. SO Exciting. I was at work last night with the two remaining kids at preschool and I was talking to the oldest one, who is three and a half. She asked me where my baby was, and I told her it was still in my tummy. Then I said, "Do you think it is a boy baby or a girl baby?" "Ummm...Boy!" she replied back. So I asked her, "What do you think I should name him then?"

"Dr. Peanut!" So Dr. Peanut it is. For now anyway.

So this morning Dr. Peanut wakes me up to go to the bathroom, and I climbed back into bed afterward because I am a total lazy momma. I rolled over and told David I was craving pancakes and he told me to quit hitting snooze and get ready for work, which I did about 10 minutes later. Having totally forgotten the mention of breakfast, I went to go grab a bowl of cereal before work and saw David in front of the stove. He was already fully dressed since he took Jack out, and was flipping over the first batch of pancakes. All I had managed to do was brush my teeth and put on pants, but he made delicious pancakes after taking our dog out and looking cute all at the same time.

At this point I want to ask my mother-in-law for pointers on how she turned out such an awesome guy.

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your sister said...

soo...yeah its a boy!!! Woot woot!