Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week 15

I know I haven't updated in two weeks, but I was trying to get all the things I've neglected to do for the last two and a half months done until the puking starts up again. When I say that I think it's finally gone away, I get crazy sick the next day. Like the baby is saying, "hey lady, just because you can't feel me kicking you doesn't mean I'm not here. Remember? Now find some doritos because I am starving."


beverly.mccall said...

easy on the doritos, kid, that's my grandkid and if I know you, you will want that cute little figure back as quickly as I did with you ... you might want to stick to fruit and lo-cal snacks. Don't forget to drink lots of juices ... and remember that pregnancy is hard on your teeth... or at least it was mine. Take some more advice from dear old mother and brush more often that usual. Maybe it was that in not feeling well I failed to brush enough. Nevertheless, I learned that whatever the little one needs, it gets first. That's why you feel so darn bad. There's just not much left for you to run on. Don't worry about the house. I know that David is very busy these days, but let it go. Prop your feet up (or they will swell).

And please, no canning or silly stuff like that. A funny story you've probably never heard follows. All my life,. I have grown fresh veggies and canned or frozen what wasn't needed during the summer for harder times during the months that follow. In the summer of 1982, an abundance of tomatos was grown and I got the bright idea to can tomatoes and tomato juice using my dad's spciy tomato juice recipe. My feet swole up larger than my head and I was so miserable. My feet and legs ACHED so badly that 1982 was the last year EVER that food was canned for the winter.

Nicki said...

I'm trying, mom, but now no Doritos? What are you trying to do to me! This kid is already spoiled by his grandma!!