Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Strange comments from random people

I was told yesterday that my nose is getting bigger by a girl at work. It is TOTALLY THE SAME AS IT WAS BEFORE, but even if it wasn't, why on earth would you say that to someone, much less someone pregnant who very well could start crying or throwing her stinky lunch (vegetable soup- really) at you?

Also, my boss told me I "really look pregnant...everywhere". When I asked her what she meant by that (I've actually lost weight in the back from all of that nausea!) she basically told me I had huge boobs. Lucky for her she is a 60 year old woman, or that would be totally inappropriate.


Sissa said...


Mom gave me your blog site, and I just have to tell you it made my day. First of all, you are freaking hilarious and so adorable and different than David (and I for that matter!). Secondly, I didn't even notice how negative I've gotten about life and day to day stuff, but your quirky comments and relections made me realize that i don't even notice those things in life anymore. Thank you for sharing you stories, and your belly!! I really laughed all morning at work thinking about things you notice, stories about your co-workers, and about David.
I'm so glad you love my nerdy brother, and can't wait to be Aunt Sissa to a nerdy, rambling, beautfiul baby!!!

your sister said...

I wish someone would tell me that my boobs were huge...