Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Cupid always lurks up...

So I blinked and Christmas turned into Valentine's Day, even while the month dragged on with sub-zero weather and snow everyday. And I realized the same thing I realize every Valentine's day.

I am a non-creative, sad excuse for a girl.

This is what I get for being romantically linked to the same person for 7 valentine's days in a row. So every year gets a little harder than the one before it. How do you let a guy know that he makes you a little bit better of a person every day? Chocolate? Unfortunately-this magical food doesn't do the same thing for boys that it does for girls, and to be honest, it only does it for me about once a month. It's delish, but doesn't quite do the trick. Flowers? Um. No.

I wrote letters a couple of years.

I made a book with illustrations (well, stick figures) one year.

I pretended I didn't care about the commercial holiday one year. I also happened to be lying that year.

Because Valentine's day is the one year when you are expected by everyone to publicly announce how amazing the person that you chose to be with actually is. Every other day, people think Oh just go get a room. Eliciting gagging isn't exactly what I'm going for, but lately I realize how rediculously much more considerate my husband is than I am.

Like if I am exhausted after being a peon at work for 9 hours straight, he leads me upstairs, tucks me in bed, and hands me the remote. Then he kisses my forehead, turns off the light, shuts the door, and leaves me alone until I emerge, two hours later, with sheet marks in my face.

On saturday mornings, he wakes up consistently at 9:30. He also consistently pulls the covers around me and lets me sleep until I feel guilty enough to drag myself out of bed. Then when I come down stairs, 50% of the time he is making something delicious for me.

5 days a week, he goes outside and starts the car so it is warm when I get in it. Even when it is negative nine degrees outside. Usually, these are the same mornings that he sweetly reminds me to go to work so that I can keep my job.

What says, "Thanks for letting me be a total sloth and still treating me like I'm worthy of being pampered"?

I mean really, sometimes I wonder why he doesn't send me back where I came from. I have good moments too, but I can be an utter brat. Lately, I don't really feel like doing anything unless it doesn't interfere with me sitting on the couch and watching 4 consecutive episodes of Friends. All of which I've already seen. At least twice. I also don't feel like going to work. I also think he should stay home from school and be a sloth with me. I also scatter all of the crafts that I have started on all over the area that was supposed to serve as an office. For now, I think of it more as a fabric/bead/yarn catcher. With a computer in the corner. See. He needs his head checked.

Maybe that's what I can get him for Valentine's Day...

I'm sure I won't get a multitude of responses, but do you have any suggestions?

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