Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So this woman that I work with, Beth, comes in today with 3 boxes. She stops in and lets us know that after a recent visit to her allergist, she has figured out that she is allergic to everything in her house and we can help ourselves to the chemical ridden products that she can no longer use. Curious, I go to her desk downstairs and look to see what she has to offer. Some of the contents were

Bubble Bath
Hair Products
Clorox Wipes
Makeup Remover
Beauty Products
Bathroom Cleaners
3 slightly used chapsticks

And Lots, Lots more. So I helped myself to a few of the items, including an economy sized container of Lysol sanitizing wipes, a brand new lotion from Bath and Body Works, and some bubble bath and went back to work. Later, on the way to the coffee room, I noticed the remnants on the table that people set stuff on that they want to get rid of. In it set a half used bottle of shaving lotion, an almost empty Lysol spray can, and a bajillion hotel samples.

Why didn't she just throw this stuff away to begin with? Where does one draw the line between "stuff that someone used that is still okay to take" and "stuff that someone used that makes me uncomfortable to put in my bathroom"? I think that for me, if it is used for shaving, is half empty, or was used while the other person was potentially naked, then I don't really care to own it second-hand. Which explains why all the things I took were brand new. Except the lysol wipes, but they are just so handy!

I think the best part of my day will see what is left from the reject box.

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