Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The little things

So, it would be kindof an understatement to say that work has had me down lately. But I'm trying to be positive about it and suck it up and all that, so rather than rant about it, I'll share the highlight of my afternoon, which brought about a minor epiphany. I was asked in early January to organize a meeting for a post-conference poster session thing and I was really anxious about it going over well. It all went down yesterday, and I'm happy to report that NO catastrophies of any magnitute happened. Which was a reward all on its own.

But one (of the 9 or 10) of my bosses came in this afternoon with a little pot of daffodils for me and my coworker. They are now on my desk beside the picture of David and me in sunny Dallas that was taken the summer before we got married and make my whole desk as sunny as the petals.

And that got me thinking that it really is the little things that make a difference.

David made me a surprise dessert Sunday that was like a reeses cup/icecream sandwich. And he made it from scratch. So sweet. Literally.

I found a recipe for tomato florentine soup like I used to love to eat when I worked at Fox. I used to get so excited when that was the soup of the day.

Clean sheet days (in fact, I may wash the sheets tonight just to have one. Even though they aren't even dirty!).

Waking up on saturdays without an alarm or a noise or anything. Just opening my eyes and it's sunny and quiet. And remarkably, it isn't even noon yet!

When David and Jack jump all around the living room being crazy.

Remembering I have an episode of the Office saved that I haven't seen yet.

Having a long phone call with Tiff, or Susan, or Lizzy, or any of my friends from College and High School that are now light years away.

I should really turn things around so that the whole day is just full of these wonderful little things. Or maybe they are great because they are so simple and still infrequent enough to be special.

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