Thursday, February 5, 2009

7 month midwife update

There is not a ton to update on, other than I had blood drawn for the gestational diabetes screen today and will hear back on that tomorrow, and I met the stand-in midwife while mine is on medical leave. She was really peppy and David and I liked her a lot, and she said that the baby seemed "happy" from his heartbeat and measurements. When she asked me about concerns, I told her that I thought our son had extra knees and elbows, but we seem to be doing pretty well.

My new hobby is to lay in bed or in the bath and watch my belly contort as he flips around and gets comfortable. I think he is a little squished when I sit normally, and reclining gives him a little more room to maneuver. But it is mostly freaky and magical at the same time to wonder if the movement under my skin is a back or head, and whether he is trying to reach up through my belly button to wave or if that is just by accident. He has also gotten hiccups a couple of times which is funny. I'm not positive that they're hiccups, but if not, he likes to drum a beat on my belly and keeps pretty good time for a fetus.

Most of the books say that I am solidly in my third trimester, which means his eyes are no longer sealed and can detect light, he can hear us, and his lungs could probably handle breathing air if he were born early. Which, to me, means oh-my-gosh have I still not really come up with a final name for my son?!


your sis said...

Yeah, I think its time you start thinkin of names...seriously.

Nicki said...

We're thinking. Just not deciding. Back off.