Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just keeping it real...

So the thirtieth week of pregnancy wasn't exactly one of my finest ones. I get asked a lot how I'm feeling, and for some reason I feel obligated to put on a big smile and tell whoever asks that I feel glorious, happy glowing pregnant lady, miracle of life and all of that. And sometimes I do. But lately, I think the third trimester stinks a bit. It's really hard to get comfortable around all this belly, so I toss and turn and can't fall asleep. If by some miracle I do fall asleep, I wake up 4 or 5 times a night to go to the bathroom, and most nights I wake up another time to work out a leg cramp or two.

This girl ain't so sweet without a decent night's sleep. I never have been, and I know this is just a hint of what's to come. I know.

But also, some first trimester-y things have returned, namely the aversion to garlic (when I can smell), some hard core mood swings, and homeboy has figured out how to kick me in the stomach- causing me to lose my dinner. Ah, miracle of life indeed.

I really never felt crazy emotional in the beginning like all the pregnancy books said I would, but lately if David doesn't gleefully run to do whatever I ask, I get my feeling sorely hurt and this afternoon I cried for 15 minutes for LITERALLY NO REASON. I feel like a crazy woman. With insomnia. After gastric bypass surgery.

However, it is nice to see single digits of weeks until we meet our little boy, and even though the thought of labor and contractions and medicines and vaccination decisions and countless other decisions makes me hyperventilate a little, it is all still very exciting.

I realize I have been a little vague about due dates and super vague about names, so I will try to clarify. Our due date is officially April 25th, but I continue to say "End-of-April/Early-May" so that when April 25th comes and goes and my little boy stays in my belly, I don't have too much of a let down. From what I read, most first babies are born after their due date, and the average is something like 41 weeks and 4 days. Since I am using a midwife and not a typical obstetrician I will be less likely to be induced until 42 weeks or if there are any concerns. As for names, we are deciding between two favorites right now and I think I will keep it under wraps until we've made a decision. Unless I get super indecisive and decide to make you guys vote and decide for me.

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