Monday, February 9, 2009

Forced Nesting

I have been reading websites and blogs of other pregnant woman and have felt pretty guilty about my lack of a nesting instinct so far. Other women are decorating nurseries and making sweet things for baby and ripping out kitchen cabinets and I am compelled to do little more than nap and occasionally bake myself large batches of brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Saturday I forced myself to at least do a little baby-related crafting.

This is a knock-off "Moby Wrap", which is essentially a 5 yard long piece of knit fabric that you can strategically wrap around you to hold the baby so that you can do other things around the house, hands free. I tried it out at work today and although it doesn't really work with my 7 months pregnant belly, one of the other moms and one of the aides used it to tote around one of the lighter babies and it worked fine.

These are actually the front and back of a baby sweater I started two Christmases ago but promptly forgot about. I have one sleeve left to knit and then I have to put it all together, but it looks really cozy and should stretch to fit the baby once it starts cooling off again in the fall (unless he's ginormous, in which case I will have to give it to someone with a normal sized baby).

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