Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bathing Ell-grouchy edition

Since his umbilical cord fell off a few weeks ago, I've found it easier to kill two birds with one stone by soaking in the tub with Elliott while I bathe him. This is mostly because to give him a sink bath I have to drag all the supplies to our kitchen, and he freaks out when I give him sponge baths because it is chilly. I understand completely.

We were given a really cool bathtub though that I hadn't drug out of our storage closet in the basement yet, so today I thought I'd try it out. As long as he is fully submerged in the water, he seems to really enjoy it- or so I thought.



Gone. And for Auntie Nicki, who wanted to hear him cry (shame, shame!) here he is, wigging out in video!

Bathtime blues from Nicki Ingram on Vimeo.

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Auntie Nicki said...

aww hes so sweet! Tell him its okay, Ill be there in a week! love you, oh and call me, my phone died!