Monday, April 13, 2009

Crazy Sunday...

David, Elliott and I ended up having a crazy Easter Sunday. It started out pretty normal, and we had a few visitors in the early afternoon. I dressed Elliott in the adorable outfit that Aunt Sissa (David's big sister) sent to us for Easter and decided I would take a picture of him in it to put up. Unfortunately, before I had a chance he managed to escape his diaper and we had to wash it again. I'd put him in it now, but he's sleeping and I don't want to wake him.

He's had a little bit of a rash which is almost cleared up now, but we've been laying him in the sun naked to help air it out, and he fell asleep in the sun making for quite a Kodak moment. I figured it would be as cute as the bunny outfit he dirtied up, but then our camera battery was dead and would not cooperate. He woke up before it was charged and I had to dress him. I ended up putting him in the outfit you see in the picture, which with the pastel dots looked a little Springy and Easter-ish too.

I felt a little tired and so Elliott and I laid down on the couch and had a little nap, and then someone knocked on our door. David answered it, and told me to rest, but come to find out that our visitor was an Ann Arbor policewoman, and someone had broken our passenger-side window and stole our navigation system. A guy came by and fixed the window earlier, but I still need to go by the car wash and vacuum up the glass from the passenger side. It was kindof a bummer, but on the bright side they left the rest of the car untouched- so it could be worse. That said, who breaks into a car on Easter weekend? Geez.

Another bonus- I'm learning how much food I get to eat now that I'm nursing. I know I will have to eat normal portions once he's weaned, but being responsible for feeding two of us makes for a hungry Nicki. After nine months of nausea, overwhelming smells and limited room for food- I'm enjoying having an appetite again!

Happy late Easter!

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Nicole said...

Happy Easter to you too! I love you all so much and cant wait to see you!