Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Running errands will never be the same

I learned a valuable lesson today. I will never again, or at least not for a long time, be able to jump in the car and run around town to get a few things done. I had one goal today: find replacement tubing for the electric breastpump that I've been told will change my life once I get to use it. I've been soldiering along with the handheld manual pump they gave me in the hospital, and while it gets the job done, um...OWWWW.

I went last night to Target, but they didn't carry the tubing anymore. The girl loaning me the pump told me that Babies R' Us carried the tubing, so I packed the diaper bag, strapped on the baby carrier, and toted Elliott out to the car. He hates getting strapped in and the baby mirror we registered for is a total dud (Note to anyone purchasing baby gear- Eddie Bauer's mirrors don't work unless you have a headrest to strap it to. Otherwise it gets all bendy and like a funhouse mirror, and you can't see the upset baby in your backseat to save your life), so he cried and I cringed half the way across town. We finally arrived at Babies R' Us and they don't carry tubing anymore either. Apparently it is considered a medical product, so I had to go to a hospital pharmacy. I found that fairly easily, but couldn't remember if I had the Medela Pump in Style or the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. I thought about getting both, and decided against it and purchased the one that the pharmacist was SURE was the right one. When I left it had started drizzling and hailing (is that a word?) and Elliott and I headed home.

I needed to return a library book, and had to choose to drag my quiet, sleeping three week old out in the drizzle to walk 20 feet to the book drop off box or leave him in the warm running car, risking the tsk-tsks of passers-by or some crazy person jumping in the car and stealing him (I've gotten a little more than paranoid being a new mother and living this close to Detroit. Staying home and watching the local news makes me scared to check the mail!). I decided to risk another quarter in fines to try again tomorrow, when it is not as nasty out.

Of course, once we got home I realized it is the wrong set of tubes and I have to go back, but Elliott needed to eat, and get a new diaper, and fell asleep promptly. I'll try to venture out again tomorrow, but the thought of lugging him around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti again makes me want a nap.

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