Thursday, March 1, 2007

Trimming the Fat...

So like most people that I know, I gave up on making new years resolutions when I was 10. I can't ever stick to them, or I forget that I even resolved to do whatever, and it ends up being completely disappointing.

But each year when lent rolls around I admire people cutting small things that they enjoy out of their lives for 40 days. Lizzy is giving up the f-word, Dave's friend Neil is giving up alcohol...but I feel weird adopting a little peice of someone else's church life and so I always just admire their sacrifices from afar. I told David about how I felt guilty wanting to steal this one little piece of Catholicism every year and he suggested that I just give something up for March. It's the same sentiment, but not like I'm totally ripping off Lent. Just borrowing little details.

So I thought about the areas of my life that I should tidy up. I've got several little attitude and lifestyle alterations going right now and so that ruled out a lot of the options.

I'm eating differently to try to curb my semi-obsession with eating, so I'm not going to cut out any particular food item or group because I am already being disciplined, and frankly that is hard enough right now.

I'm trying to work really hard at my job so that I can forget how disappointing it can be, so I'm going to just leave it how it is.

I'm going to church or church related functions about twice a week, so I'm not going to completely forsake hanging out with our normal friends at bars, because I think that they are all amazing people that I enjoy being around.

Finally I came to the stuff I do while I'm at home. It usually boils down to watching 2-4 episodes of Friends a night and doing whatever absolutely has to be done. Like laundry, dinner, and dishes. That's all I get accomplished. And the really sad thing is I'm pretty sure that there isn't a single friends episode that I haven't seen at least twice before. I don't want to give up tv altogether, because lets face it, I like my tv. Especially the Office, but I've also become really interested in Oprah and this show on TLC where they give little kids a camera and let them document their lives. I love it because children are so pure and honest, and they break my heart and challenge me to be a better person in really surprising ways. So I'm not going to turn off the DVR subscription and pawn my tv set or anything. I am just not going to indulge myself with hours of tv that I've already seen anymore.

For the month of March, I am giving up watching Friends reruns. This may sound small, but like I said in an earlier post, I like small things, and I think this one will give me more time to get things done that really need doing, and ultimately give me more time to hang out with David.

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