Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cash fans.

I found this onesie when Elliott was still tiny. I've been waiting to break it out, and today was the day. Today is also the day that Elliott has not had a nap. So I'm crawling an entirely different line. I think it's a line of exhaustion.
He's really starting to get this tummy thing down, and lifts up to see everything around him.

He even gets a little cocky sometimes. "Pshhh, I'll just move my arms and crawl the line right over this pillow. "
His arms aren't super strong yet though. Which means baby faceplant.
At least he didn't cry about it.


LizAnn said...

Hi Elliott! How are you doing? You are getting so big! You look so so cute in all of your pictures. Don't get too big too fast because we still have some cuddling to do! Be good for your mommy!

Tiffany said...

He is getting so strong! Love the shirt! I dont know how he goes the whole day without a nap, that sounds like cranky-ville to me!