Thursday, July 30, 2009

The young and the restless

Sigh. So the sleep? With the plan and the earplugs and the REM cycles? Did. Not. Go. Smoothly.

We didn't get him into bed when I planned, but he was asleep by 9:30. According to the plan, I could feed him again at 3 am, which shouldn't have been that hard. During the day he was doing great waiting for 3 or 4 hours to eat. He woke up at 12:30 and I readied myself to shhhh and rock and bounce him back to sleep. Just not feed him yet. Normally he will grunt and kick when he wakes up, and then let out a couple of half hearted cries to let me know he's awake. I've never tested it to see what happens afterward.

What happens is we wake the entire complex with screams that could wake the dead. David's earplugs were apparently worthless. Shushing, and swaying, and rocking, and bouncing? Did nothing. Just endless and furious wailing, and rooting around like "I know you have them and I can scream all night if you don't feed me." I would look at the clock thinking, It must be one by now. The clock would laugh and read out 12:36. I did manage to keep it up for a half an hour. Finally David said something to the effect of "Why are we doing this?" and I replied "I want to sleep!" I gave up a little after one and fed him, and I cried the whole time. He nursed for twenty minutes, and then slept until 5. Which, admittedly, is progress. Painful, awful progress.

So I fed him twice last night, and he is able to go back to sleep with some shushing (he stirred from 6-8 every 30 minutes or so, but I only went to the crib once. I'm going to try super hard to figure out his napping and eating schedule today so that we can do a better job tonight. I'm also going to be really nice to my neighbors when I see them, lest we get handed an eviction notice or are cited for disturbing the peace.

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