Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday with friends

Yesterday we went over to our friends' apartment for a little grilling and volleyball. It was a beautiful Saturday and we decided to take advantage of the weather. It was pretty sunny, so I tried out some sunglasses that another lady from my mom's group let us have. As you can see, I have another item to add to the list of accessories that Elliott hates: Sunglasses.If you give him long enough, he either falls asleep or forgets they are strapped to his head, so I finally got a shot of him wearing them. He doesn't look happy, but I'll settle for indifferent, I guess.
We played around with the camera a little and got a few good pictures of each other with Elliott.
After a little while, Elliott got a little fussy, and we had to fight for a long time before he would take the bottle. We finally figured out that if he has to settle for a bottle, he doesn't want to work to eat. The strange bottle designed to be more like the breast (which other nursing moms have told me was the only thing that their child would eat from) does nothing but tick our little guy off. We tried the regular old bottle that practically pours milk down his throat, and he finally drank it all and managed to chill out.
I've also discovered in the last few days that he has added a few new tricks to his repertoire. If you talk on the phone while looking at Elliott, he thinks you are talking to him and will coo and smile back at you. Also, I can put him on his playmat in the floor, turn around, and he will somehow end up under the kitchen table by kicking his legs and inching away, millimeter by millimeter. He's sneaky, this one.

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nicole said...

I need a copy of that pic of him kickin it in those sunglasses! so cute!