Friday, July 10, 2009

Lean on me

So, becoming a mom is difficult. Everyone knows this, and warns you, but it is often hard in ways I didn't anticipate. For example, how do you keep your grace and composure when you have had no more than 4 hours sleep in the last 4 months, and people give unsolicited and often rude advice? Enter the women I met through my mom's group. I love them. LOVE them. I can go in and talk to 10-12 women who know exactly what I'm going through. Or can at least sympathize, and give suggestions of what they did in a similar situation. I look forward to Thursday afternoons every week! I'm so glad I joined.

Here are the sweet babies from our group. We managed to only have one screamer. So sweet, poor girl. Elliott is the baby in highwater overalls. Whoops.
**UPDATE** Notice the two babies on the very far right? They are twins, and are holding hands in this picture. So sweet!

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Anonymous said...

We love you too! From: The Mommy of the one in the green onesie dress (Natalie)...