Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stories with Daddy

About a month ago I realized that Elliott was having some separation anxiety whenever I left him with someone else. I tried to figure out why he was having such a hard time, and realized that I had pretty much taken over every baby related activity, so he hadn't really bonded with anyone but me. All of the baby books that I read recommended that I have David bring the baby to me for feedings and change and burp him after, or share the late night feedings, but it seemed silly to have us both get zero sleep. When I noticed Elliott needed a diaper or bath, it seemed lazy to make David do the dirty work when I discovered it. Pretty soon I had assumed all duties and David was kinda left out. No wonder Elliott freaked out when I suddenly disappeared every two hours.

Now things are much better. David is in charge of bathtimes and a bedtime story each night (which, admittedly are the most fun tasks so far) and Elliott does much better when I leave him. I love to listen in, and David is pretty awesome at both. Sometimes he'll throw in a song or an accent, and it is really fun to watch Elliott and him together.
I went to the library on Wednesday and picked up a few new books by my favorite authors so far- Mo Willems (who wrote the book they are reading in the pictures, Knuffle Bunny), Eric Carle (Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?) and Sandra Boynton (The going to bed book). Elliott seems to enjoy the bright pictures and rhythm of our voices as we read, and I hope he grows up to love reading as much as we do.

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Tiffany said...

That is great! I am glad that is working out for you guys but I agree, the baths are the most fun and I would hate to give them up too! You guys are doing great.